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Being born in the seventies and growing up in my teens through the eighties I always had a passion for cars and models. Originally to be found with a Matchbox Superfast car in my pocket there was always entertainment to be had. Quite simply, they were the Xbox of my youth. Throughout School all I excelled at was art or practical subjects like metal and woodwork, which again filled my mind and time up with drawing, scale modelling, real cars and motorbikes when at home. I went on to further education studying Graphic Design at Hartford Design Studios within the Mid-Cheshire College campus.

An opportunity during my end of course exhibition for a job as Graphic Designer was presented to me. I threw caution to the wind and went for the Job at the ripe age of 18 spending seven years for this worldwide label designer ending my time with them as the Design Manager. During this time in the 90's I could walk through the high street and a large percentage of the fashion and sportswear brands I'd either designed branding for or played part in the marketing.

Still scale modelling and fettling with car and bike engines in my spare time I was, completely out of the blue, offered a job with a motor manufacturer. After a few years I went to an engineering company who built chassis' and various other components for the automotive industry where I went on to become the Business Development Director spanning 12 years. A lot of great work with some fantastic automotive and motorsport legends..... there's a few stories to tell over a pint or two.

I still found time for my design and also managed my own design business, Resolve Design Solutions, offering print and digital design. Still not content though, I fulfilled a lifelong ambition to open a model shop. During a short and bitter sweet period of growing nothing to the largest model store in the UK I was offered other challenges which led me down even more paths..... too many, so I had to stop and take some fresh air in. A family man, I had to take time to rethink before little ones were no longer little.



What I've always enjoyed is the designing and making process. I love to create and watch other aspects grow and throughout all these years I've always found comfort in modelling. Having turned away far too many requests, even cries of help, for designs and finished pieces has led to the birth of SK75 Works. SK75 being shortened from my Instagram and YouTube name of SidewaysKing75. 

My aim is to provide a wealth of quality decal sets and garage kits designed and made by myself. The decals are vector drawn artwork for the very best clarity and printed via laser on to quality waterslide decal paper including white print! The garage kits are bespokely designed and precision laser cut and engraved, also by myself, to the highest standard. If there is anything particular you would like that isn't already available please contact me, I may just add it to the range.


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